“DIT can change your life. Come here and start your adventure.”

— Devyn Ashcom DIT Class 108-19

“The most valuable part of DIT was the genuine concern for safety from the instructors and their level of care for each student to understand what was being taught. This has set a standard for me to carry into my career.”

— Justin Bryson DIT Class 110-20

“I feel like DIT did a great job preparing me for the industry! I’ve met divers who are graduates from other dive schools and in just talking to them, I feel confident DIT provided a more solid program, giving me all the tools and knowledge to succeed in this profession.”

— Tyler Bull DIT Class 110-20

“If you want to work in an exciting environment, in industry-like conditions, DIT is the place to be.”

— Alexander DiGena DIT Class 101-21

“My job is dope! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel all over the US and be on several “once in a lifetime” jobs. So far in my career I have been able to work on the largest salvage in US history, pulling a train engine out of a river, building a 3-mile-long bridge, inspecting the largest dry dock in the US and now I am helping to build a submarine dry dock to house the US Navy’s largest class submarine. I have also been doing a ton of underwater welding and burning. It’s crazy the paths that life can take you on.”

— Uriah Jollie DIT Class 101-19

“I don’t have the words to adequately describe how my experience at Divers Institute of Technology prepared me for the challenges of a career in commercial diving. I can only say that many years since my graduation, I still draw upon my experiences at D.I.T, when handling the duties of my position as Executive Director of the Association of Diving Contractors International.There are many outstanding Dive Schools throughout the U.S. and abroad, but my decision to attend Divers Institute of Technology is one that I will never regret. The relationships forged with my classmates and the school staff are one’s that I consider lifelong and value highly.They say the true acid test of whether someone has complete confidence in an organization or training program is if they would send their kids through the program. I would be proud if they chose to attend Divers Institute of Technology.”

— Phil Newsum Executive Director Association of Diving Contractors International DIT Class 102-01

“While going through training at the Divers Institute of Technology, I was impressed with the willingness of the staff to work with students as individuals; I never felt that I was just a number. I left DIT with the skills needed and the confidence to be successful in my career. I continue to have opportunities I attribute in large part to the staff and instructors – many of whom are still available to share their advice and experience with myself and other alumni”

— William Webb ROV Operator at Oceaneering Intl. DIT Class 103-11

“The hands-on training I got at DIT prepared me for diving offshore and inland. The school’s location near the Puget Sound creates training situations that are as close as possible to the actual environments professional divers will encounter. The instructors are all top professionals, and the tools and equipment at their disposal is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere. Come to DIT with a serious attitude and good work ethic and you will leave with all the skills you need to succeed.”

— Frankie Paull Diver at Marine Solutions Inc. DIT Class 111-09

“If you were going to use the same pipe wrench every day for your entire career you would want the topmost quality wrench you could find. Simply put, I use the knowledge cultured at DIT every day for work, from in the field to where I am now in administration. The fundaments are taught so well and fully it would be impossible for me not to recommend them. The facility is top of the line and the instructing staff has one goal in mind; make you a safe, well rounded diver, hirable diver and their job placement team opened opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. Hard work, Team work, Determination and Perseverance are necessary prerequisites. It’s not an easy industry, but if it was everybody would do it.”

— Ty S. Klingsporn Operations Coordinator at Miami Diver LLC. DIT Class 101-12

“DIT provided me with a great diving education that helped to prepare me for the industry. I had no trouble getting a job after graduation.”

— Janelle Wenner Lead Tender at Cal Dive Intl. DIT Class 110-12

“The Divers Institute of Technology gave me the tools to succeed in the commercial dive industry. My career started the day after graduation when I got hired by a dive company in the Gulf of Mexico. DIT more then adequately prepared me for the demands of commercial diving. DIT not only got me started with a solid grasp of the requirements and challenges of entering a new job field, but 5 years later I still rely on my training received at the Divers Institute of Technology. DIT opened the door, literally, to the world with my internationally accepted surface supplied diver certification. The excellent training, assistance with job placement, and the ability to return to the campus for continued education are all factors that have allowed me to excel and continue to succeed as a commercial diver.”

— Sam Simpson Diver at Triton Diving DIT Class 112-08

“DIT did a great job preparing me for working in the commercial diving industry. One helpful thing was learning situations by the book, but then instructors would add “Here’s what I do” and explain an alternative or additional method. It’s been really handy to know another way to do a task than just the few textbook situations.”

What I use most from DIT: “Knots and securing stuff—lot of ratchet strap use for getting sea-ready for the ship. I used this right away—I was not even through the first 5 minutes on the job and my direction was “Tie a log hitch on that and go on from there.”

“As a vet, the process of enrolling was flawless. I transferred from University of Montana Missoula and Katie did a great job with the VA. I pretty much handed her my forms and it was done.”I’d tell current or prospective students: “Listen to all of the advice of the instructors. What they teach you, the nuances of the instructors, is what drives the program.”

“Every section, every day I’d think ‘Oh, I can’t wait to get to school today and see what we’re going to learn or do.’ Even for NDT!”

— Bryce Hagen DIT Class 110-13

“The Staff!! From the admissions members to the senior instructors, everyone at DIT is what made this possible for me. That the veteran instructors could relate to where the veteran students are coming from and help make the transition to the diving industry a successful one.

Definitely the safety aspect, there is not a single job I do in the industry where I am not fully alert and concerned about everything involved in the diving operations and that is directly due to my experiences and instructors at DIT. There is not a single person you can’t count on here. These guys know what they are doing and will get you where you want to be.”

— Jonathan South Diver/Tender at Liquid Engineering Corp. DIT Class 106-13

“I chose to enroll at DIT after researching all the commercial diving schools, and finding it to be the most in-depth program offered. Since graduating in March ’98, I’ve used the skills taught to me by the great instructors at DIT on a daily basis. I continually run into DIT graduates out in the field, and they’re always hardworking, professional, and very well trained. After all these years, I still love what I do! I always knew I wanted to see the world, and what I learned at DIT provided me with the opportunity.”

— Jadon Anderson Saturation Diver DIT Class 103-98

“From enrollment to graduation DIT is by far the best choice in commercial dive schools. Both the staff and course material have helped prepare me for a career in Nuclear and Inland diving. Because of DIT’s Hazmat course—along with all the others!—I was able to competently integrate within the world of radiologically contaminated diving. I love my job and I am proud to call myself a graduate of DIT!”

— Melanie Lyman Diver, Underwater Construction Corp. DIT Class 101-11